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We couldn’t help ourselves with this little mash-up. (X)

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"I don’t see what the big fuss is about nudity. I think we’re all still too Victorian about it. If you’re a grown adult, you’ve all seen naked bodies. There’s far too much pressure on poor young women to look a certain way. I really believe that. And I think it gives actresses a huge complex when they have to do scenes like that. It’s much easier for us guys.” 

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Raoul: I think you need to tell me where you were last night and whose voice I heard in your dressing room.
Christine: I think you need a new hobby.
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101 reasons to ship Stydia

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teen wolf/stydia AU → some time has passed after the events with the nogitsune. since Malia became a part of the pack, she has been spending a lot of time with the Stilinski boy. their excuse is that Stiles is teaching Malia how to act human. these days Lydia is craving him much more than she would like to admit. one day in math class, Lydia tries to unknowingly watch the two and Danny being the observant guy he is, confronts her but the strawberry blond brushes it off like nothing happened. after that Lydia looks back at that cute dorky face, their eyes meet and she feels something stronger than she ever felt before. Lydia quickly tilts her head and stares at the ceiling, thinking "Lydia Martin, is it possible that you’re really in love with Stiles Stilinski?"

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"Stydia or Stalia?"

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Basically ‘who do you ship Lydia with?’ question. (x)

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TO Meme - [1/4] Scenes

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Misha and Jared giving Jensen shit for his modelling career (x and x)

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